Fields Description

This Table describe the fields in the Administrator Form.

Field NameDescription
Apps\Categories Select All Categories or include\exclude ones
Select Categories Select categories to include\exclude
Comments Count Maximum number of comments to display
Max characters  Max characters per comment
Show Avatar Show the avatar of the comment author
Avatar Size Set the width and height of the avatar
Show Author Show the author of the comment
Show Date Show the comment date
Show Link Show the link to the comment
Display Link as item name Display Link as item name instead of #
Layout Choose Layout to display comments
RTL auto detect will detect comment direction and apply RTL/LTR accordingly
Items number of slides to show at a time
Slide Move Number of slides to be moved at a time
Vertical change slide's direction from horizontal to Vertical
Vertical Height set height of slider if vertical mode is active and item more than 1
Auto Play If true, the Slider will automatically start to play
Pause On Hover Pause autoplay on hover
Pause time The time (in ms) between each auto transition
Loop If false, will disable the ability to loop back to the beginning of the slide when on the last element.
Transition Speed Transition duration (in ms).
Show Controls If false, prev/next buttons will not be displayed.
Controls theme Controls color theme
Right To Left Change direction to right-to-left.
Show pager Enable pager option.
Adaptive Height Dynamically adjust slider height based on each slide's height.
  • Wednesday, 08 March 2017
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